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The plum tree is a symbol of hope, strength through adversity, and change on the horizon. It’s a hearty tree that blooms in late winter, and its blossoms herald the arrival of spring. I chose this symbol to represent my therapy practice as a reminder that change is possible. You can make it through hard times. New possibilities are waiting!

Welcome to Plum Tree Therapy PLLC!


I'm Dr. Emily Gary, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and AASECT-Certified Sex Therapist based in North Carolina. I see clients throughout the states of North Carolina and South Carolina online via video telehealth. Whether you are looking for help as a couple or as an individual, I'm here to offer you healing and hope. If you are looking for therapy, please read the "Sex Therapy," "Couples Therapy," and "Individual Therapy" pages to see what Plum Tree has to offer you. Thanks for visiting!

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